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Yost Herbach

Yost Herbach, once the owner of this land, died in 1762 in possession of it.
He left to survive him ten children, of whom seven sons, some of whom and their
descendants may claim more than a mere passing notice. George, Ludwig, and
Jacob, the eldest three, were born in Switzerland and came with their parents
into the province of Pennsylvania, and to the old homestead just described,
where they grew up to manhood and then removed to and settled in a beautiful
little valley, nestled among the winding and broken ranges of the South Mountain,
partly in Frederick County, Md., and partly in Adams County, Penn., where they
became land owners, prosperous farmers, the heads of large and respectable
families, and participants in the founding of churches and schools.
So numerous did their descendants become and so firmly attached to their
new mountain home, that the valley itself took their name and will, probably,
continue to be known through all time as Harbaugh’s Valley. The des descendants
of Jacob alone, of whom Dr. Harbaugh was one, when the latter compiled his family annals in 1856, were 321. The traveler or the excursionist as he is swung around Horse-shoe Curve, near Sabillasville, on the Western Maryland Railroad, approaching Penn-Mar, enjoys a fine view of this picturesque and peaceful little vale. All the descendants of Yost Herbach (the elder) in America, living and dead, number several thousands. But few of them remain in York County, and the name has, probably, entirely disappeared from the local tax lists and current records, though several families, descendants of the original settler, (Yost) reside in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Colambiana County, Ohio, and other parts of the West. Rev. Dr. Henry Harbaugh was a son of George Harbaugh, a worthy farmer, a devoted Christian, and highly respected citizen of Franklin County, Penn., and a son of Jacob who was the third son of the elder Yost Herbach. Dr. Harbaugh, though brought up on his father’s farm, was a student while a plow boy, and it is said a carpenter; from his very childhood he was religiously inclined and by dint of his own rigid application and perseverance he became an eminent scholar and theologian, and the author of several well written books: 1. “Heaven, Or an Earnest Scriptural Inquiry into the Abode of the Sainted Dead.” 2. “The Heavenly Recognition, Or an Earnest and Scriptural Discussion of the Question, “Will We Know our Friends in Heaven?” 3. “The Heavenly Home, Or the Employments and Enjoyments of the Saints in Heaven.” 4. “The Future Life.” (three vols.) 5. “The Birds of the Bible.” 6. “The Fathers of the German Reformed Church in Europe and America.” 7. “Union With the Church, the Solemn Duty and Blessed Privilege of All Who Would be Saved.” Their very titles show the ruling feature and bent of his mind, and that he lived, so to speak, rather in the future than in the present world. There was, however a humorous as well as a pathetic side to his nature. He was a poet, but courted the Muse only too seldom; yet he wrote quite a number of fine pieces in verse, chiefly in the Pennsylvania German (his native dialect) which, since his death, have been collected and published in a neat little volume entitled Harbaugh’s Harfe.

John Harbaugh, the fourth son of the great ancestor Yost, was born in 1735, in Switzerland, or on the passage hither. After his marriage he owned, and resided for many years on the mill property, now Small’s, in Spring Garden Township. In 1777 he was commissioned a magistrate, which office he held for a number of years. During the Revolutionary war he was a member of a “committee of sympathy, support, and safety for York County,” and was very active in correspondence with, and furnished aid to our army. He died in 1803 and was buried in the old German Reformed graveyard on North Beaver Street. Some few of his descendants, children of his daughters, Mart, wife of the late William Johnson, Sr., and of Elizabeth, who was the wife of John Adam Bahn, deceased, live in, or near York.

Yost, the sixth son, was born on the homestead on Krentz Creek in 1741. In 1755, when he was fourteen years old, he did duty as a teamster in Braddock’s expedition; also to Bloody Run in the Indian wars, and, during the Revolution he was a captain in actual service. In 1799 he represented York county in the State legislature. He was a very large man, fully six feet in height and well proportioned. His dress continued throughout his long life to be of the old continental style, and his habits strictly temperate, his diet plain and frugal, and his temper and disposition calm and sober. He was a man of robust frame and health, industrious ways, and great powers of endurance. Even in his old age, he was accustomed to make an annual trip, sometimes on horseback and sometimes on foot, without overcoat or umbrella, from his residence near York (now Mr. Jacob Yost’s, just north of the Chicken Bridge) on a visit to a daughter (Mrs. Benjamin Emmert,) then residing on what is now the historic Antietam battle field. Though he was what is usually called an uneducated man, he possessed great native vigor of intellect, abundance of strong, practical, common sense, keen, ready wit, a high notion of personal honor and integrity, a deep sense of moral and religious obligation, and withal, a wonderfully retentive memory. He remembered, and, in his extreme old age, loved nothing so well (unless it was his accustomed bowl of mush and milk) as to sit, on winter evenings by the big fire on the hearth, surrounded by groups of merry young folks, and tell them tales of the olden times, of times and things when he was young, of the early days when the Indians were still about; of the little Indian village on Canoe Run, near Krentz Creek church; how the town of “Little” York had to be guarded and defended against their hostile incursions; how some sturdy, robust farmer of the neighborhood came with his rugged plow with a wooden moldboard, and drew a furrow around the town along which the armed sentinels paced to and fro, in the dead of night, ready to sound the note of alarm and give the terrible warning of the approach of the savage foe. How, when he still lived on his farm, now Samuel Rutter’s, near Emigsville, where still stands the old Swiss stone barn erected by him in 1793, and which bears his name carved in a stone in the gable, the children (of whom the writer’s mother was one) went to gather whortleberries in the woods on the hill beyond the Codorus, and found in the leaves and bushes several pretty little puppies, as they supposed, which the girls took pity on and carried home, where they were told by him, to their great surprise and consternation, that the little foundlings were young wolves! How some of the harvest hands proposed to kill them, and how he, on the score of prudence as well as humanity, accompanied by several of the men with loaded rifles and an ample supply of ammunition against a not improbable emergency, carried the mistaken and unwelcome pets back to their forest home, and left them as nearly as possible where they had been found; fortunately without encountering the old wolf folks. For many years afterwards that hill was known in the neighborhood by the name of “der Wolf Berg” (Wolf-hill). In those days, he said, it was nothing unusual for wolves to attack and destroy sheep at night, if left exposed in the fields, and even to carry away the younger lambs. To the young, there is nothing so entertaining and fascinating as tales of wild and startling adventure, and often did our still more wild and startling midnight dreams take on the hues and shapes of the stories we had listened to in breathless silence, broken only by our beating hearts, at the knee of grandfather Harbaugh, when gathered around the old time family hearth fire on a long winter evening. Well and sweetly did Scotland’s greatest poet sing: Thus while I ape the measure wild Of tales that charmed me, yet a child; Rude though they be, still with the chime Return the thought’s of early time; And feelings aroused in life’s first day Glow in the line and prompt the lay. All these tales of our venerable grandsire, were told in our native dialect, then comparatively in its infancy. Grave and stern as he was, none the less fond of a good practical joke, and he expelled most unlettered men of his time in quick, keen wit, sarcasm and repartee. He lived to the great age of almost ninety, (eighty-nine years, nine months and nine days), and died in the full possession of all his senses and mental faculties on August 16, 1832, of Asiatic cholera, after an illness of four days, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Benjamin Emmert, and lies buried now, side by side with many of those who fell in the cause of their country on the bloody field of Antietam He lived and died in the faith of the German Reformed Church, to which his ancestors and nearly all of his posterity, the latter now numbering more than 200, belong or did belong, while living. Among the survivors are some of the descendants of his daughter Eve, late wife of Daniel Wolf, of West Manchester Township, (deceased); of his son John (deceased), Adams County; of his son Jacob, late of York County (deceased), namely; Mrs. Sarah Spangler (widow), of Jackson Township, and her children: Caroline, wife of Reuben Lauer; Henry W. Spangler, Esq.; Susan, wife of Charles E. Smyser; Sarah, wife of Martin Smyser; Julia Spangler; Leah, wife of William Eyster; Dr. Benjamin F. Spangler; Edward W. Spangler, Esq. And Dr. Jacob R. Spangler, all of whom except four (three of whom are unmarried) have children. Mrs. Sarah Spangler, the venerable mother and grandmother, now in her seventy-eighth year, her daughter Julia and son Henry, still reside in the old Mansion House, formerly and for many years kept, and so well and favorably known as the “Seven Mile House,” a good and true old time country hotel; a pleasant and popular resort for sleighing parties from tows and villages of the surrounding country. Many and pleasant are the memories inseparably associated with the place. And, As the shingles lie close to the rafters, And to gable the ivy clings fast, So the heart of the lone, widowed mother, To the homestead will cling to the last. Taken from the book, “History of York County, Illustrated 1886” by John Gibson, Historical Editor

Leonard Harbaugh

Leonard, the seventh son of Yost Harbaugh, the elder, was born on the homestead on Krentz Creek, May 10, 1749, and married Miss. Rebecca Rinebeck of Germantown. He was the same person named among other prominent Pennsylvania Germans, by Mr. Scharf, as having settled in Baltimore at an early day. From one of his sons, Benjamin, who still resided in that city as late as 1853, it was learned that his father removed from York to Baltimore about 1775, where he resided until 1792. He was an architect and builder, and undertook by contract, the construction of many large public and private edifices. He was ingenious in planning and designing, and skillful in execution. On the spot where Battle Monument now stands, stood a very large two story brick building which was used as a court house. From immediately under this house he removed all the earth and replaced it with stone arches, forming a basement; after which the building and basement continued to be used for about fifteen years, when it was removed. Many of the private residences built by him have also been removed to make room for streets and more fashionable dwellings, Among the buildings and improvements erected by him in Baltimore, were several churches, hotels, warehouses and bridges. He also designed and constructed the first mud or dredging machine that was used for cleaning out and deepening the harbor for vessels and other purposes. In 1792 he removed to Washington, D. C., and was soon engaged in the erection of numerous public and private buildings; among others, the war and treasury offices, which were afterward destroyed by the British troops, (in 1814). He was also engaged (with others) in the erection of the President’s house, the original Capitol buildings, and the reconstruction thereof after their destruction by the British. Under a contract with the Potomac Company, he cut a passage through an immense wall of rock that stood across the river at Big Falls, just above Georgetown, and made the Potomac navigable for long boats up to and even beyond Cumberland. Afterward he commenced a similar enterprise in the Shenandoah River at Harper’s Ferry and made that river navigable (for long boats) by building locks and cutting canals for a distance of more than one hundred miles above the ferry. After the completion of this work, he removed to the settlement on the Monocacy, near Frederick, Md., where he erected an immense stone bridge for a turnpike road company, across the Monocacy Creek, at a cost of $55,000.Click here to see pictures Finally he returned to Baltimore and resumed the building of various kinds of houses. At the time of his death, however, September, 1822, he was engaged as superintendent of the carpenter work on the rebuilding of the Capitol. His death was caused by mortification in the joint of one of his toes. He preferred death to amputation, at the age of seventy-six, and was buried in the Congressional Cemetery at Washington. He was the father of fourteen children, thirteen of whom were sons. Some of them, or their numerous descendants, are still living in or near Baltimore and Washington. Rev. Reck Harbaugh, one of his great grandsons, was living at Princeton or Burlington, N. J., in 1852, and was pastor of a Presbyterian congregation. Leonard , the great grandfather, was also a devout man, and during the first period of his residence in Baltimore, was a member of and exhorter in the church of Rev. Otterbein, of blessed memory. Benjamin Harbaugh, one of Leonard’s sons, formerly of Baltimore, married Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of Maj. William Bailey of York, an officer in the Revolutionary Army attached to the Pennsylvania line, under the command of Col. Swope.
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Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth, the oldest daughter of the original settler, Yost, was born near York, on Good Friday, 1753, and became the wife of Godfrey Lenhart, an old and well known citizen of York, among whose descendants are the late Mrs. Kuntz; Mrs. Genther; Mrs. Louis Sudec of York; Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey, and her daughter Catharine, who was the wife of the late distinguished Prof. Samuel Tyler, LL. D. (of Frederick, Md.) author of Baconian Philosophy, Life of Barnes, and various legal treatises; Rev. Henry Lenhart, late of Williamsport, Penn., and his son, Rev. L. Lenhart, for seventeen years a chaplain in the navy, and who while serving in that capacity went down with the Cumberland, in Hampton Roads, in the spring of 1864; William Lenhart, the distinguished mathematician; and Catherine Lenhart, wife of the late John McPherson, so long a prominent and highly honored citizen of Gettysburg, cashier of its bank, and father of Hon. Edward McPherson; William C. McPherson, his son; Hon. John B. McPherson, associate law judge of the Dauphin and Lebanon District; Mrs. Andrew Mehaffy, (formerly of Columbia, now of New York); Elizabeth, wife of Gen. Albion P. Howe, United States Army (Cambridge, Mass.); J. B. McPherson, Esq. (New York City); Catharine, wife of Dr. Norman B. Scott; Dr. J. McPherson Scott; Mrs. Alexander Armstrong, and Norman Bruce Scott, Esq., all of Hagerstown, Md. Taken from the book, “History of York County, Illustrated 1886” by John Gibson, Historical Editor

Generation No. 2

7. Yost Harbaugh (Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born APR 1699 in Aspach, Kaiserslautern, Germany
died 3 APR 1762 in Kruetz Creek, York, Pennsylvania.
buried in Hellam Township, Adams Co., PA.
He married Maria M. Klein 3 MAY 1725 in Reformed Church, Otterberg, Germany.
born ABT. 1707 in Ulmey, Palatinate, Germany
died AFT. 1741 in York, PA.
He married Mary Elizabeth ? ABT. 1747 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.
born ABT. 1720 in Germany
died ABT. 1795 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.

Children of Yost Harbaugh and Maria M. Klein are:
8 i. George Harbaugh
born 10 FEB 1725/26 in Kirschweiler, Kaiserslautern, Germany,
christened 11 FEB 1725/26 in Ulmet, Germany
died 19 FEB 1787 in Falls Creek, Harbaugh Valley, MD, drowned.
9 ii. Ludwig Harbaugh
born 1727 in Europe,
christened 11 FEB 1726/27 in Otterberg, Pfalz, Bayern,
died 9 AUG 1809 in age 82.
10 iii. Jacob Harbaugh
born 5 FEB 1729/30 in Europe
christened 15 FEB 1732/33
died 28 APR 1818.
11 iv. Maria Margaretha Harbaugh
born 30 AUG 1730
christened 3 AUG 1830 in Ulmet, Palatinate, Germany.
12 v. John Harbaugh was born 6 MAY 1735 in PA,
christened 8 MAY 1735 in Ulmet, Palatinate, Germany
died 15 FEB 1803 in PA.
13 vi. Henry Harbaugh
born 1740
died 1779.
14 vii. Yost Harbaugh
born 11 OCT 1741 in Berks Co., PA
died 1 AUG 1831 in Washington Co., MD.

Children of Yost Harbaugh and Mary Elizabeth ? are:
15 i. Leonard Harbaugh
born 10 MAY 1749 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA,
died 11 SEP 1822.
16 ii. Mary Elizabeth Harbaugh
born 1753
died 16 JUN 1825.
17 iii. Anna Margaret Harbaugh.
She married William Bailey.
18 iv. Anna Catharine Harbaugh
born 13 AUG 1759
died 12 JUN 1833.

Generation No. 3

8. George Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 10 FEB 1725/26 in Kirschweiler, Kaiserslautern, Germany
christened 11 FEB 1725/26 in Ulmet, Germany
died 19 FEB 1787 in Falls Creek, Harbaugh Valley, MD, drowned.
buried in Moravian Cemetery, Graceham Church, Frederick County, MD.
He married Catherine Williar(d) 11 OCT 1746 in Creis Creek, Frederick County, MD.
born 17 DEC 1720 in Erlebach, Kaiseralautern, Pfalz
died 12 JAN 1791 in Graceham, Frederick County, MD.
buried in Graceham Church, Graceham, Frederick Co, MD.

Children of George Harbaugh and Catherine Williar(d) are:
19 i. John George Harbaugh , Sr.
born 11 AUG 1747 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died 1856 in Harbaugh Valley, Bedford County, MD (PA?).
20 ii. Anna Margaret Harbaugh
born 10 JUL 1749 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died 12 APR 1795.
21 iii. John Harbaugh
born 23 NOV 1750 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died 1823 in Muskingum Co., OH.
22 iv. Juliana Harbaugh
born 28 AUG 1752 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died in Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA.
She married Peter Christ. She married Christian Busch.
23 v. Anna Maria Harbaugh
born 26 FEB 1754 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died 22 SEP 1837 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.
24 vi. David Harbaugh
born 5 MAR 1756,
died 13 AUG 1784.
25 vii. Anna Regina Harbaugh
born 12 FEB 1759 in Monocacy Station, Berks, PA
died 6 OCT 1849 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

9. Ludwig Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)
was born 1727 in Europe
christened 11 FEB 1726/27 in Otterberg, Pfalz, Bayern
died 9 AUG 1809 in age 82.
buried in on farm, south of Zollinger, later Sabillasville, MD.
He married Christiana Weller
born 1728
died 17 OCT 1797.
buried in on farm, south of Zollinger, later Sabillasville, MD.

Children of Ludwig Harbaugh and Christiana Weller are:
26 i. Christian Thomas Herbach
born 14 JAN 1753
died 23 MAR 1836.
27 ii. Maria Elizabeth Harbaugh
born 4 JAN 1757.
28 iii. Anna Mary Harbaugh
born 27 MAR 1758
She married Michael Flickinger.
29 iv. Jacob Harbaugh
born 1760
died in Age 91.
He married Rebecca Casebear.
He married Margaret Winters.
30 v. Anna Margaret Harbaugh
born 11 OCT 1761 in Frederick Co, MD
died 24 APR 1819.
31 vi. Henry Harbaugh
born 12 JUL 1768 in MD
died 23 SEP 1846.
32 vii. Peter Harbaugh
died in young man.
33 viii. Yost Harbaugh
born 11 JAN 1771
died 22 JUN 1839.
34 ix. Christina Herbach.
She married William Sweney.
35 x. John Herbach
born 2 SEP 1773
died 1776.

10. Jacob Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 5 FEB 1729/30 in Europe
christened 15 FEB 1732/33
died 28 APR 1818.
buried in Jacob Harbaugh farm, Sabillasville, MD.
He married Anna Margaret Schmidt 1 APR 1761.
born 3 APR 1740
died 18 MAR 1803.
buried in Jacob Harbaugh farm, Sabillasville, MD.

Children of Jacob Harbaugh and Anna Margaret Schmidt are:
36 i. Anna Margaretta Harbaugh
was born 27 JAN 1762.
She married Henry Meyer.
37 ii. Jacob Harbaugh
born 21 MAR 1763
died 16 DEC 1842.
38 iii. John Herbaugh
born 27 MAY 1764
died 18 JUN 1834.
39 iv. Susannah Harbaugh
born 6 NOV 1765
died 26 FEB 1802.
40 v. Catherine Harbaugh
born 6 MAR 1767.
41 vi. Barbara Harbaugh
born 12 MAR 1768
died 6 OCT 1809.
42 vii. Juliann Harbaugh
born 21 JUN 1769
died 11 NOV 1817.
43 viii. Anna Maria Harbaugh
born 17 MAR 1771
died 3 MAR 1843.
44 ix. Henry Harbaugh
born 22 AUG 1772
died 11 NOV 1844.
45 x. George Harbaugh
born 17 MAR 1774
died 3 FEB 1853.
46 xi. Yost Harbaugh
born 21 JAN 1777
died 18 AUG 1777.
47 xii. Yost Harbaugh
born 17 MAR 1778
died 28 APR 1817.
48 xiii. Frederick Harbaugh
born 1 NOV 1779
died 14 NOV 1779.
49 xiv. Joseph Harbaugh
born 2 DEC 1780
died 5 DEC 1780.
50 xv. Elias Harbaugh
born 1 JAN 1782
died 4 AUG 1854.

12. John Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 6 MAY 1735 in PA
christened 8 MAY 1735 in Ulmet, Palatinate, Germany
died 15 FEB 1803 in PA.
buried in German Reformed Cemetery, Beaver Street, York, PA.
He married Maria Elizabeth Mehl.
born 1 FEB 1735/36
died 6 AUG 1794
buried in German Reformed Cemetery, Beaver Street, York, PA.
He married Magdalena ?.

Children of John Harbaugh and Maria Elizabeth Mehl are:
51 i. Anna Margaretta Harbaugh
born 3 MAY 1759 in Kreutz Creek
died 16 NOV 1840.
52 ii. Elizabeth Harbaugh
born 23 DEC 1760
died 26 APR 1790.
53 iii. John Harbaugh
born 5 DEC 1762
died 5 OCT 1800.
54 iv. Jacob Harbaugh
born 11 OCT 1765
died 4 JUN 1793.
55 v. George Harbaugh
born 24 DEC 1768
died 28 APR 1836.
56 vi. Juliana Harbaugh
born 30 MAR 1772
died 19 JUL 1852.
57 vii. Mary Harbaugh
born 20 JUL 1777
died 21 AUG 1847.

14. Yost Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 11 OCT 1741 in Berks Co., PA
died 1 AUG 1831 in Washington Co., MD.
buried in Prospect Hill Cem. York, PA.
He married Eva Bahn FEB 1764.
She was born 23 DEC 1743
died 2 DEC 1794 in York Co., PA.
He married Elizabeth Eshelman 28 MAR 1797.
born 1746 died 29 DEC 1816.

Children of Yost Harbaugh and Eva Bahn are:
58 i. Julia Johanna Harbaugh
born 1764
died 7 MAR 1849.
59 ii. Eva Harbaugh
was born 1766
died 21 JUL 1854 in PA.
60 iii. Anna Catharine Harbaugh
born 8 DEC 1769
died 28 FEB 1850.
61 iv. Anna Maria Harbaugh
born 9 MAR 1774 in Kreutz Creek, Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died 13 SEP 1831 in Washington, MD.
62 v. John Harbaugh
born 22 JAN 1776
died 1838.
63 vi. Maria Margaret Harbaugh
born 28 DEC 1778
died JAN 1847.
64 vii. Jacob Harbaugh
born 25 DEC 1781
died 11 DEC 1830.
65 viii. Susanna Harbaugh
born 13 SEP 1784.
She married John Ther.
66 ix. Elizabeth Harbaugh.

15. Leonard Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 10 MAY 1749 in Hellam Twp., York Co., PA
died 11 SEP 1822.
buried in Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC.
He married Rebecca Rineback.
born 31 AUG 1754
died 13 FEB 1801.
buried in Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC.

Children of Leonard Harbaugh and Rebecca Rineback are:
67 i. William Harbaugh
born 12 APR 1773 in York Co., PA.
68 ii. Leonard Harbaugh
born 6 FEB 1775 in York Co., PA
died 13 MAY 1812.
69 iii. Thomas Harbaugh
born 5 MAR 1777 in Baltimore, MD
died 10 JAN 1857.
70 iv. Joseph Harbaugh
born 8 FEB 1779 in Baltimore, MD
died 12 AUG 1864.
71 v. Samuel Harbaugh
born 3 MAR 1781 in Baltimore, MD
died in Probably in Baltimore, MD.
72 vi. George Harbaugh
born 25 MAR 1783 in Baltimore, MD
died in infancy.
73 vii. Jessie Harbaugh
born 5 FEB 1785 in Baltimore, MD
died 17 SEP 1810.
74 viii. David Harbaugh
born 2 MAY 1787 in Baltimore, MD
died 24 JAN 1844.
75 ix. Charles Harbaugh
born 31 AUG 1789 in Baltimore, MD
died 2 JUL 1813 in Single, in Army.
76 x. Daniel Harbaugh
born 20 FEB 1791 in Baltimore, MD
died SEP 1791.
77 xi. Benjamin Harbaugh
born 10 APR 1794 in Washington, DC.
78 xii. Frederick Harbaugh
born 1 APR 1796 in Washington, DC
died 18 APR 1796.
79 xiii. John Harbaugh
16. Mary Elizabeth Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 1753
died 16 JUN 1825.
She married Godfrey Lenhart.
born 17 MAR 1754
died 15 AUG 1819.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Harbaugh and Godfrey Lenhart are:
81 i. Margaret Lenhart
born 5 SEP 1779
died 29 MAR 1860.
She married George Kuntz.
82 ii. Elizabeth Lenhart
born 26 SEP 1781
died 31 DEC 1845.
She married John Bayley.
83 iii. Henry Lenhart
born 22 JUL 1783
died 8 MAR 1862 in On the frigate Cumberland, attacked by vessel Merrimac.
84 iv. William Yost Lenhart
born 19 JAN 1787
died 10 JUL 1840.
85 v. Catharine Lenhart
born 10 OCT 1791
died 25 JAN 1859.
She married John B. McPherson.

18. Anna Catharine Harbaugh (Yost Harbaugh2, Johannes Peter Herbach1)

born 13 AUG 1759
died 12 JUN 1833.
buried in Prospect Hill, York, PA.
She married John Brenisen.
buried in Prospect Hill, York, PA.

Children of Anna Catharine Harbaugh and John Brenisen are:
86 i. William Brenisen
born 22 SEP 1791
died 1794.
87 ii. John Brenisen
born 24 SEP 1793
died 15 JUL 1846.
He married Lydia Doll.
88 iii. Lydia Brenisen
born 8 SEP 1789
died 3 MAY 1829.
She married John Wolf.
89 iv. Elizabeth Brenisen
born 1801
died 20 NOV 1853.
She married William Brown.


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